Everything you’ve ever done in your life is shit.

– Steve Jobs

Rocking a fresh new cut, thanks to The Black Comb! And unfortunately, that’s not a barber superhero (watching too much Arrow), just a cool place in downtown Lancaster.


Jack Hardwicke Art - theeidophusikon

artist on tumblr

These completely out-of-this-world cosmic creations are created by Brighton based Photographer Jack Hardwicke. Patternbank are loving the awesome clash of colours and the  otherworldly abstract qualities of these pieces. Are they photographs, paintings, scientific experiments or fragments from the outer regions of the universe – who knows?, but one thing is for sure they are incredibly mesmerising and beautiful. For much, much more check out The Eidophusikon, and from October 17th to November 13th during Brighton’s Biennial Photography Festival, Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery presents an exclusive collection of digital art by Jack Hardwicke. ‘Fragmented Moments’ is a showcase of abstract photography, art and design by one of Brighton’s emerging talents .

In love.


Alexa Meade :  People Transformed Into Paintings

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What you are about to see, are not paintings on canvas! Alexa Meade paints with acrylics directly on human flesh creating the illusion of painterly portraits.

“Alexa Meade is an installation artist based in the Washington, DC area. Her background in the world of political communications has fueled her intellectual interest in the tensions between perception and reality.

watch the video:

Whoa. Trippy.